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Interesting Work: Bike Courier

You can’t help but stare as you drive past.  A man is riding in the bike lane bundled up against the December cold.  His legs are pumping ridiculously fast and in one hand he holds a cell phone, in the other a soft drink… Continue Reading “Interesting Work: Bike Courier”

Interesting Work: Prep Cook

Dishes clatter.  The washing machine hisses.  A knife strikes a cutting board over and over.  Snippets of shouted Spanish drift around a corner. In front of you sits a large box of chicken breasts.  You take out the first of sixty and place it… Continue Reading “Interesting Work: Prep Cook”

Interesting Work: Haunted House

“I really hope you don’t get any splinters,” said the large man dressed all in black standing next to me.  “I think I can find you some gloves,” he said kindly.  This might have seemed like a pretty mundane conversation except that I was… Continue Reading “Interesting Work: Haunted House”

Interesting Work: Farming

Dirt is everywhere.  On my hands, my legs, in my shoes.  I can feel the dust in my nose.  My hands are red and sore and my back aches.  The bright sun beats down on my neck.  Sharp nettles are digging into my fingers…ahhh…the… Continue Reading “Interesting Work: Farming”

The Plan

  After 25 years in an office in front of a computer or sitting in meetings, I had the first health scare of my adult life.  It caused me to think about what I was doing and where I was heading….and to acknowledge that… Continue Reading “The Plan”